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I am Spencer Moss, a senior at Oregon State University, where I am currently studying Electrical and Computer Engineering for my undergraduate degree!

My career goal is to learn as I can about computing, from the physics of low level of hardware to the abstract of software engineering. My career thus far has been primarily in programming and designing embedded systems of various sizes, with a fair amount of systems engineering in large-scale cloud computing on the side. Areas of academic interest to me include: Embedded Systems, Computer Architecture, Design Verification and Validation, Software Testing, VLSI, and Digital Systems (FPGAs)

Most recently, I was an intern at Maxim Integrated in the Microcontrollers and Security group, where I worked on quality assurance for an embedded SDK. While at OSU I am also a Teaching Assistant to Benjamin Brewster, for both Operating Systems I and Systems Administration. Also while at university, I worked as a Student Systems Engineer at the OSU Open Source Lab working primarily to provide Open Source developers with non-x86 architecture servers (OpenPOWER, ARM). Before even that, I worked as a web developer and embedded engineer at Digital Control Systems, Inc. working on an early IoT project.

You can read my resume here.

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